Switzerland - Swissmechanic

Swiss association of mechanical engineering companies
Umbrella organization employers, professional and professional associations
Swissmechanic Switzerland is an employers', specialist and professional association of medium-sized entrepreneurs.
The mechanical-technical and electrotechnical / electronic professional groups as well as branch and specialist organizations in Switzerland are affiliated. Swissmechanic Switzerland comprises 14 independent sections and additional associated organizations.
Swissmechanic represents a total of around 1,400 members with around 70,000 employees, around 6,000 of whom are trainees.
The members of Swissmechanic generate total annual sales in the double-digit billions. Around 80% of the products and services generated are exported directly or indirectly. The companies of Swissmechanic Switzerland pay their employees well over 3 billion francs in wages and salaries.
SWISSMECHANIC offers its affiliated association members a wide range of services in the areas of education, business, lobbying, social affairs and law, as well as administrative / personnel policy matters.

Roland Goethe, President

Dr. Jürg Marti, Director


Felsenstrasse 6
CH-8570  Weinfelden
 +41 71 626 28 00
 +41 71 626 28 09