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AM Suisse is the umbrella organisation for the Agrotec Suisse and Metaltec Suisse trade associations and represents the employer and training interests of the metalworking, agricultural engineering and farriery industries. With its committed workforce, AM Suisse takes care of the professional networking activities required for all joint association tasks.

The umbrella organisation looks after the interests of its members - both nationally and internationally
The AM Suisse umbrella organisation is extensively networked at both national and European levels. In Switzerland, AM Suisse sits on the top associations and umbrella organisations and maintains close communication with the various federal authorities. In Europe, the Metaltec Suisse professional association represents its members in the EMU (European Metal Union), and the Agrotec Suisse professional association in CLIMMAR (Centre de Liaison International des Marchands de Machines Agricoles et Réparateurs).

AM Suisse puts great emphasis on a healthy social partnership
It is only with an experienced social partnership that the future challenges of our industries can be successfully overcome. Healthy economic conditions and forward-looking collective labour agreements are amongst the prerequisites for securing the future of our members.

Metaltec Suisse
Metaltec Suisse is the Swiss professional metalworking association. Over 1,100 companies from the metalworking, steelworking, window and façade manufacturing industries benefit from the extensive services offered by the professional association. The Metaltec Suisse professional association invests a lot of time and resources, so that the metalworking industry has at its disposal excellent basic and advanced training opportunities. With an extensive technical and business administration service offering, it helps its members deal with the day-to-day challenges of company management.

Who is who?

Artho Marquart
President of Metaltec Suisse
Vice-President of AM Suisse 


Patrick Fus
Managing Director of Metaltec Suisse
Member of the Executive Board


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