Germany: Bundesverband Metall

Around 34,000 small and medium-sized companies, 27,000 apprentices, 463,000 employees and almost € 60 billion in sales: that's metal trade in Germany. The metal trade is indispensable not only in terms of numbers and as an employer.
Metallhandwerk stands for the whole variety of metalworking companies that our industrial country needs: industrial suppliers, mechanical engineering, toolmaking, metal and steel structures in civil engineering, climate protection and mobility, public infrastructure and modern living. Metal companies - from bronze foundries to metal designers to high-tech companies - can be found everywhere where people produce, build and live. As an artist and designer, from planning to execution or networked with partner companies, metalworkers solve the small and large problems of their customers. World export champion Germany? Not without the metalsector in Germany.
Federal Association for the Metal sector Companies (Bundesverband Metall) represents the interests of 13 regional associations with 325 guilds and around 13.000 companies (SME). 
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