Austria: Bundesinnung der Metalltechniker - Crafts and Trade division Metal Technicians professional organisation

The professional organisation is the legal representative of the interests of Austria's Crafts and SME’s working in the metal sector. Within the framework of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, it is an independent professional organisation with its own sector of activity. The Organisation and its representatives  (= entrepreneurs) elected for a period of five years set the focal points of the organisations’ 's work. The President is the legal representative of the organisation he leads and supervises the entire management and handles the day-to-day business.

The Organisation has to represent the professional interests of its members, if these interests affect several federal states or are of general and fundamental importance. The Organisation promotes the economic development of its members by endeavouring to positively influence the general conditions. It examines laws, represents the interests of its members vis-à-vis authorities, policymakers and the public. The Organisation  is also a partner in collective agreements and represents the interests of employers vis-à-vis the trade unions.

The following Crafts and SMEs are represented by the Organisation:

  • Metal technology for metal and mechanical engineering, such as metalworking technicians (locksmiths), metal construction technicians, metal furniture locksmiths, wire goods manufacturers, file cutters and sieve makers, grid embroiderers, machine builders, locksmiths, security locksmiths, making keys using copy milling machines, steel construction technicians, façade construction, mechanical engineering technicians, elevator manufacturers, manufacturers of lifts and cable cars, lathe operators, welders, steel construction technicians, furnace and stove fitters, pressure vessels  generators, pipeline construction, sheet metal technology, toolmakers, machine tools, manufacturers of fittings, mill builders, manufacturers of blinds and roller shutters, unless they belong to another trade association, as well as maintenance and inspection of hand fire extinguishers.
  • Metal technology for blacksmiths and vehicle construction, such as blacksmiths, repair blacksmiths, vehicle construction technicians, vehicle blacksmiths, spring blacksmiths, farriers, horse shoeing, tools blacksmiths, cutlery makers, sharpening of cutlery and art blacksmiths.
  • Metal technology for agricultural and construction machinery, such as agricultural machinery technicians, construction machinery technicians, local authorities machinery technicians and manufacturers of gardening equipment.
  • Weapons trade (gunsmiths), such as production, processing and repair of civil weapons and ammunition.
  • Metal design, such as metal designers, belt makers, engravers, metal fancy goods makers, mold engravers, platers, stamp makers, flexographers, metal pushers, metal presses.
  • Surface technology, such as metal grinders and galvanizers, enamelers, surface technicians, polishers and grinding wheel producers, mechanical surface technology, hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating
  • Founders, such as tin, metal and iron founders and bell founders.


Responsibilities of the Organisation:

  • The representation of the interests of our members:
    • The official participation of the Organisation – granted by statute or by regulation - in the industrial and economic governance of the country (assessments of legislation by experts).
    • Negotiation and conclusion of collective agreements
    • Negotiations with authorities
    • Involvement in the creation and modification of standards
    • International cooperation within the framework of the European Union
    • Negotiations within the organisation of the Economic Chamber
    • Promotion of cooperation and joint activities
  • The promotion of work-related education and vocational training
    • Elaboration or involvement in the creation of occupational profiles and procedures for apprenticeship and master craftsman examinations and frameworks for teaching and study plans
    • Collaboration with schools and school administrations as well as adult education institutions
    • Training course for hoof and claw shoeing
  • Information and advice:
    • Support of the regional organisations
    • Information of the members through the regional organisations
    • Replies to national and international inquiries
    • Preparation of information documents
    • Information sessions
    • Public relations work
    • Written and oral consultations in cooperation with the departments of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
    • Processing of delivery requests
    • Supervision of the journal "Metall
    • Internet

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