SMEs of the metalworking industry often use modern machinery and high-technology. They are confronted by the increasing demand of high experience coming from their clients. This is the reason why employees must have a comprehensive knowledge and regularly need to develop their competences. This requirement of high-qualified employees is absolutely one of the specific features of our branch.
That is why EMU focused a lot of its activities on a professional training policy since 1990. They aim at keeping the sector on top of the latest technology. EMU supports employees to enhance their skills and gives them the possibility to develop professional experiences in different enterprises.
The EMU Qualificationpass is the first example in practice. This pass enables you to compare the company’s knowledge and skills on the scale of the European Qualifications Framework. The employer as well as the employee can validate the required competences by using a qualitative scale. EMU evaluates regularly its application and usage since it got introduced in 2004.
 “The metalworking industry is often considered an “invisible” sector. It is, in fact, a very large sector spread across most European cities and regions. Most Europeans most likely live close to a metalworking company.” From The Spotlight on Europe’s “invisible” sector: the metalworking and metal articles industries