EMU is an union of European associations for craft and SMES and SMEs of the metalworking industry. EMU has members from all over Europe, namely Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Switzerland. (circa 70,000 enterprises with 800,000 employees and 70,000 trainees)

The European Metal Union is a member of the UEAPME (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). By being a member of this organization, EMU can represent the interests of the member’s associations of craftsmen and of SMEs of the metalworking branch on a European level. Moreover, it can influence the European legislation.

UEAPME represents SME organisations from 21 EU member states. It has a direct access to the EU institutions. UEAPME represents the position of the SMEs thanks to the lobbying at EU representatives and the accordingly deputy secretary of the EU. The organization informs the EMU members about the important developments for SMEs in the metalworking industry in Brussels.